Summer Range by Clarity

Summer Range by Clarity


Jewellery Half price sale

Jewellery Half price sale





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Fashion & Jewellery deal

Fashion & Jewellery deal


Kim and I are always looking for that edge when it comes to items that we offer our customers at The Unique You!

IMG_29Metamorphoza is just one of those brands that we have found that matches our niche of uniqueness we offer in our range of plus size clothing.

Created by the designer Veselina who we see as an upcoming free style designer, she has such a passion for that edgy style, she is based in Bulgaria and she likes to experiment with forms, shapes and silhouettes believing that clothes should be fashion statements. And we agree …do you?IMG_60IMG_64

Veselina has created fashion with perfect draping and asymmetry that she has made to order for us, we have chosen a range of styles which is bespoke to us for our niche range in Australian sizing, you will not find the colour or styling anywhere else, so now is your chance to own an absolutely unique piece..


We would love some feedback on Metamorphoza so we can look to bring in more what Veselina has to offer in her designs.IMG_41

We hope you like them as much as we do.

Peter and Kim


What are Sleevey Wonders?

This week was the launch what we think is the ideal accessory for sleeveless tops and dresses – Sleevey Wonders, but it seems not everyone agrees…

What is a Sleevey Wonder?

3.4 black lace sleevey wonder 3.4 black mesh sleevey wonder

We found these products on one of our regular searches for unique fashion to offer our customers. They are made in the USA and are a great quality item, the fabric is 95% Nylon and 5% spandex. These amazing reversible sleeves are made to wear under all of your sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses which magically transform your outfits into something new! Many times we have heard – oh love that top, it’s a pity it is sleeveless, this is the solution. Sleevey Wonders are essentially a very versatile bolero with bags of stretch, they look great under everything from the most casual tops to the fanciest of dresses, made with a four way stretch fabric which gently hugs and slims, like spanx for your arms!! They look as though they are part of your top or dress.  Worn with the closure at the front only the sleeves are visible, you can also wear it backwards which will show less cleavage. So adding a sleevey wonder to your wardrobe dramatically changes the look of all your sleeveless cloths, doubling your options.

So as you can see we think they are great but as mentioned not everyone has the same opinion. We don’t blame or shun people for their comments, we respect each person’s view whether we agree or disagree is not an issue and we take all the good and the bad in our stride and try work with it, we all have the right to differing opinions after all!long sleeved jersey

One example just recently highlighted to us the fact that some comments via social media do get back to suppliers and manufactures of the products we sell. For us we think this is great, below is a copy of comments between one of our followers and the designers of Sleevey Wonders which took place on our FaceBook page, after we published the first new Sleevey Wonders post and we were quite surprised and delighted by the reply posted by the owner and designer of Sleevey Wonders.

Quotes from Face Book Post: (Our Sleevey Wonder Price is $46 each)

Follower: Catherine: Bit expensive for such a thin little bit of material!

Suppliers: Sleevey Wonders: These are so much more just a bit of material. We chose to manufacture in the USA, and labor and development cost more, here. There is so much that has gone into this, including a deceptively hard pattern that takes skill to sew, so it fits equally well, frontward or backward, and can be worn with and transform so many outfits!. You can buy a small Genie bra made in China for $19, or you can buy a nice Wacoal bra for $65, or even a La Perla bra for $124. These are all just small pieces of material…Just saying’…long sleeved shirred wrist sleevey wonder

Follower: Catherine:  My comment was not to put down your design/clothing, but a true reflective comment of financial need. An extra $40+ on top of the price of a dress/top is a lot for many of us. The initial price is frightening to TRY with outfits before finding out that it works. We don’t all have limitless funds, expense accounts or indeed work in business where clothing is an asset not just a necessity. I applaud the idea, think it’s long overdue, & went eagerly to see the price and possibly buy one, only to be slightly taken aback at the price, so thought it was good consumer input to tell you. At half the price I would have bought one. Hope this information is taken on board in the spirit in which I wrote it.

Supplier: Sleevey Wonders: Thank you for sharing, Catherine. To make them for half the price would take going to China, and then being limited to the number of styles and colors we could offer. I truly have understanding and compassion for tight budgets, and wish I could give them to all who want them…

It is great having this interaction not only between ourselves and our followers and customers but manufacturers and designers also get feedback as well and to have them explain the reason why so politely to one of our customers is fabulous and shows their passion for their products..

Thank You Sleevey Wonders and Catherine..

Kim and Peter

The Unique You

Knit wraps by Kita Ku

Knit wraps by Kita Ku

Clarity and Threadz On sale!

Clarity and Threadz On sale!