I am NOT a plus size mature model!

I started this blog as advertising for our online boutique The Unique You to direct traffic to our site to increase sales, but I am much more than just a small business owner trying to increase revenue!

I am a Mother, a Daughter, a Fiance,a friend, a Cancer thriver, I have experienced joy, heartbreak, uplifting experiences and some not so good ones, I have worked long hours, I have had financial hardship and I have had wins. I do not think that I am anyone special but I think that I am making the right decisions when it counts, I think that I am being the best support to my partner that I can be, I think that maybe I can write of experiences that will be of some help to others, I think that I could benefit from your input, sometimes we need to support each other even though we may not realize it..

Along with posting images from our online boutique because we really do have some beautiful fashion to share, and some clearance bargains, I will share parts of me and what happens to me in the course of living this one life..

Back to the title – no I am not a model, my image appears on our online boutique simply because our customers need to see what they look like on someone of my size and vintage, I will be 57 this coming June and I love fashion, just because we age does not mean that we need to dress differently does it? I do not think so.. We are an online retailer and are provided with images from our suppliers, most of these images have been taken using models much younger and much smaller, we use them as an example of how certain garments can look on different sizes but to not use images of me is not representing our demographic accurately.

So – until next time, this is me not being a model! http://tinyurl.com/ja449ye





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