We can help the fuller figured shopper with great fashion

We have been running our on-line fashion boutique specifically for plus sized women for two years now, we are based in Australia and we have seen the evolution of styles and fashion over that time.Kita Ku Clarity 2 April 2015 025

We are avid followers of shows like Project Runway and although they mostly use US sizes 2 through to 6 models, they have also worked on ‘real’ size styles, it just shows you the fashion industry is slowly changing its perception of today’s curvaceous women. But then it is all about our own perception, the fashion industry considers anything above an Australian size 12 to be ‘plus’ and there is a strong argument going to discourage the tag ‘plus’.  We showcase fashion for every day women by using the fashion industries sizing of what is considered plus, we generally stock from a size 14 up.

Kita Ku Samaya mood Clarity April 2015 005Kita Ku Samaya mood Clarity April 2015 020

There are so many great designer brands available now both on-line and in retail stores, that plus size women, of which I am one, all over Australia can find a style of Kita Ku Samaya mood Clarity April 2015 050clothing that suits our chosen look, and feel great when we wear them. At The Unique You we will always be striving to bring you the best possible plus size fashion available for a reasonable price. We will only offer you quality designer brand clothing from reputable Australian owned companies and where possible, clothing made in Australia for plus size Australian women. Even if it’s not in our store simply ask and we will do our best to source and stock a brand that you love.http://theuniqueyou.com.au/shop/kita-ku/hot-pepper-long-button-through-grandad-collar-shirt/


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