Illustrations of Women by Carol Rossetti

Just beautiful.. like we all are inside…

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This is one of the reasons I love facebook and can’t quite give it up because I come across amazing things like this from the various pages I follow. This is the amazing work by Carol Rossetti, so simple yet so powerful! I wanted to share on the blog because I felt it so fitting and something a lot of woman will relate to. Also the illustrations are just too KICK ASS not to share.












Posted with permission. Please go to http:// to see more of her amazing work!

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Are we maturing like a fine wine (like the cliche)!!!

Yes it is a bit of a cliche, but are we as women, like a fine wine? As we get older, more mature, and more beautiful does our inner woman seem to gain a sense of assured confidence, brought on by the years of experience in life. It certainly applies to me..

As a woman over 50 I try to carry my age with a sense of pride, style and class. As I have gotten older I think my sense of fashion seems to have matured along with me. What is trendy and ‘in fashion’ might not necessarily be the apparel of choice any longer and I think this is more down to comfort essentially and a condfidence that I don’t subscribe to the opinion of others!

Kita Ku Koko jacket

However I am not for an instant giving up a sense of style, but I guess I am being realistic in what works for my lifestyle. As the years have progressed, footwear has been the first thing to go, arthritic knees no longer permit high heels but we are spoilt for choice in the styles available in flats.

Plus size women who are over 50 have every reason to dress in a stylish manner. Stores which cater for their needs might not necessarily be easily available, that is true. However that is no reason to compromise. Especially with the iKita Ku Orchidnternet being so widely available these days, there is a great selection of plus size clothing available for the mature woman’s needs.

As we get older, some parts of our body tend to lose some of that useful gravity. This is nothing to worry about, as when choosing clothes and underwear with good support, things can be kept up to the necessary heights at all times!!

Being over 50 does not mean women have to give up on having a sense of style. Especially not plus size women! On the other hand women should make the most of this time in their life. With the right clothes any plus size lady who is over 50 can look and feel like a million dollars! I know that I do…

Samaya Moods Feathers tunic

Samaya Moods Feathers tunic