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Do you need colour ? – we can help with that!

At The Unique You, we are mad on colour!!

Being plus size myself I love to wear colour and prints.. I am not yet 100% body confident, but working on it! If you visit our website you will see me there often, modelling the fashions, now I am not a model at all nor do I pretend to be, but I am passionate about our little corner of the web and it gives an idea of how the garments look on a plus sized body!

We focus on stocking mainly Australian owned fashion labels with a bright spotlight on Kita Ku, mainly as they are plus size specialists and the vibrancy of the prints and colours are really just astonishing…

Kita Ku Feb 2014 008 Kita Ku Feb 2014 015 Kita Ku Feb 2014 037 Kita Ku Feb 2014 061 KOKO-J502L-P628LY ORIENTAL-T103N J163LA4WHIMSICAL J601A4 SKYLINE RUST